Hi, I am Catherine, former corporate lawyer at one of The Netherlands’ Top Law Firms, now Yogi, Mindfulness Trainer & Energy Healer.

At 31, my deep longing for a relationship with a true soul mate, set me on the transformational path. Little did I know then that on a deeper level, the longing was not so much about the soul mate, but about getting to know my own true self.

Now in my 40s, after many adventures, I have transformed from being a controlled corporate lawyer to a creative inner-connected woman, happy within myself. It is a completely different place from which I explore relationships, but stay true to myself.

My current work is with women who suffer from stress and low self-esteem. Women, who, just as I, lost some parts of themselves in the masculine corporate training. I help them connect back to their feminine essence and fill themselves up from the inside out. Thus I am creating a tribe of Flourishing Women.


“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
what is essential is invisible to the eye.”


At 31, eager to solve the unknown inner issue that stood in between me and my ‘longed for soul mate’, I plunged into the unknown. I enrolled in a 4-year training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. A school with a mind-body approach and an emphasis on in-depth personal process.

It was fascinating! For the first time in my life, I learned how to drop into my body, feel and express my emotions, and to¬†connect with people on a much deeper level. ¬†We also learned in depth how to clear out, restore and balance people’s energy fields. I felt better than ever before.

Then, life threw me into even deeper inner process by attracting chronic Lyme disease. To heal myself, I lived for 5 years in Asia and learned everything about yoga & meditation. In Indian ashrams and Thai monasteries, I learned how to center myself and be patient & compassionate with all that would come up.

Attending a tantric yoga school, I learned more about the differences between masculine and feminine energies. I started to discover the beautiful feminine qualities of flow and creativity, in contrast to my corporate training in focus and discipline.

The combination of all my adventures, completely changed my life. That nagging insecurity that I had always had, that hole inside of me where I was constantly criticising myself, has filled itself up with self-love. Today, underneath the daily changes, I feel light and sunny inside, every day. 


I have been extensively trained both as a Lawyer and as an Energy Healer, Yoga & Mindfulness Trainer. Here a summary, please see my LinkedIn-page for more.

2007-2009 NautaDutilh, International Arbitration Lawyer
2005-2006 Simmons & Simmons, Int. Arbitration Lawyer
2004 LLM International Law, Leiden University (cum laude)
2003 Ecole Nationale des √Čtudes Politiques de Paris
2003 Internat. Pleading Competition, Peace Palace, The Hague
2002 Bachelors Dutch Law, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Energy Healer
2015-2020 Living in Asia, Yoga & Meditation Training
2019-2021 Mindfulness Trainer Advanced, SeeTrue & CvM, NL
2014 Aura Reading Training, Irene van Rijn, NL
2013 Mindfulness Trainer Basic, SeeTrue, NL
2011 Theta Healing Level 1 and 2, Yvonne Hrdy, NL
2009/2011 Assistant Brennan Healing Science Workshop, NL
2009 Aura Soma Course Level 1 and 2, Helen Poolman, NL
2008-2012 Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe, Austria
2003 Reiki Master, NL
2002 Reiki Practitioner, NL








Having gone through a deeply transformative process in the past 12 years,
my true joy comes from helping other women
transform and flourish in a completely new way
and as such creating a ripple of inner joy in the world.

What is your longing?
Belief in yourself. Believe that you can create the life you long for. Believe everything in life is here to support your growth and well-being.
Believe that you can become the most beautiful feminine version of you.